2nd Amendment Saturday

2nd Amendment Saturday
10/16/2013 4:45:02 AM

None of us knew what this event was really going to be.  It could have been a big political rally.  It could have been boring with very few people showing up.  It could have been busy with several strangers to three gun coming through and shooting.  As it turns out – it was a great day!


We got there in time to get set up just before the gates opened to the public.  I didn’t know this, but apparently everyone else that has been involved with Texas Multigun, knew that we would get all the props set up just in time for Sheldon to come and move everything.  I learned a valuable lesson!

We set up two stages.  The first stage was for us to run people through three gun for the first time.  And the other stage was for our top sponsor STI International to run people through a steel match demonstrating the extreme awesomeness of their fine fire arms.

The STI stage

The STI stage was a 5 FAST target shoot.  The stage was set up so that the shooter was standing about 10 meters  away from the targets with all of the targets facing the shooter.  Each target was about 5 feet away from the other.  The fancy part came in that STI had several of their best guns available for anyone to shoot.

I took a spin on a an iron sight pistol and have to say that it was amazing.  Then we took a pistol with a holographic optic on it…WOW!  Put the dot on the target, pull the trigger, ~PING~!!!!  This worked as fast as you could pull the trigger.  Just awesome.

We had to do some prep prior to opening the range!



TXMG three gun stage

In our three gun stage we optimized the set up so that new shooters wouldn’t have to run too much from one set of targets to the next (with loaded guns).  We had them start out from a grounded pistol.  Grab it up, shoot some poppers, set it down.  Then a quick transition over to the rifle for some medium range steel targets (100m or so).  And then over to shotgun to shoot some plates on a stick!

Here are some shots from Barry Smitherman’s first run (currently the railroad commissioner and running for Attorney General)

Pistol on the poppers


perfect run!


Rile on the FAST targets


HIT!  HIT!!!


Shot gun at the plates


Another perfect run!


Barry’s the man!


STI Exhibition – long range with an STI Edge

Sheldon had to do a bit of showing off.  Here he is with his STI Edge shooting at 100 meter FAST targets.  Hit.  Hit.  Hit.  Great gun!


Lots of customer walk throughs

We had a bunch of people pop in.  Most of which had never been through a three gun course.  With each person we gave a quick “welcome to three gun”.  Followed by some simple instructions for running through the course.  Then they were closely monitored as they shot their way through the course.  With any luck these people had a good enough time to come back this weekend.




This was probably the best customer moment of the day.  Great shirt.


I believe this was the fastest time on this little course.


Kids on the range

My little man, Logan, was out on the range.  I think he did more shooting than any of the adults.  A walk in would go.  Then one of the TXMG staff.  Then Logan.  Rinse wash and repeat all day long!






Then we had a quick lunch.  Some bbq hot dogs, sausage, and stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon.  Someone remind me to bring tongs and a bbq fork the next time.  Turning these with my fingers wasn’t fun.




Then we walked around the range to visit with some vendors.  We started at the bb-gun booth.  Logan walked up with his side arm on his side (Smith and Wesson M&P).  The booth attendant asked him as he walked up if he had shot before.  Then he noticed the side arm and loaded magazine tucked behind his ear/headset.  “Oh!?”  He didn’t really know what to say at that point.



Then we went to see the cowboy action shooting group.  They were all dressed up in their cowboy’s finest.  Shooting some old school guns.  We weren’t allowed to shoot though.  Prior to three gun Logan was born and raised to be a cowboy.  I think he is more interested in SWAT now.


Once we were done with the cowboys we stopped over at the Hex Tactical Resources tent.  While there Logan got to lay down on his side as though he was shooting under a car.  Then he got to put two bullets in each of the simulation legs.  This was pretty awesome.


Then we got to meet up with one of our sponsors - Silencer Shop.  We got to shoot several of their silenced pistols.20131012_151600

…sans ears!



Then we stopped at the Texas State Rifle Association.  All shooters should join!20131012_153024

End of the day

Of course at the end of the day the Texas Multigun crew will play.  We had a quick steel match between all of us.  Sheldon kicked our butts of course.  I was able to get my time down to 4:10.  But Sheldon was able to get down to a 3:20. 

Lucy…we got some practicing to do!


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