2nd Amendment Saturday - A Call to Arms

2nd Amendment Saturday - A Call to Arms
10/11/2013 1:44:43 AM

On 19 April, 1775, a force of British troops came to Lexington to seize the arms of the American Militia. When confronted by the Militia, the British commander is quoted as saying “Lay down your arms, you damned rebels, or you are all dead men!”  In 1775, those Militiamen answered the call to defend their rights as free men. Isn’t now the time for you to defend those same rights?


2nd Amendment Saturday, a call to Arms!

Presented by Best of the West Shooting Range
and the Williamson County Republican Party

12 October 2013

Featuring the author of our Concealed Carry Law
Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson
with Attorney General Greg Abbott
and Congressman John Carter

Gold Sponsors
Congressman John Carter, US House District 31
Constable Robert Chody, Williamson County Pct. 1

What is going to be offered at this event?

There will be something for everyone and every skill level.  Instructors to give a “hands on” orientation to new shooters.  CHL course of fire. Venues to observe and try out the various shooting disciplines such as Cowboy Action Shooting and Defensive Pistol.  Demonstrations of new technology and precision shooting skills. And the Attorney from Texas Law Shield will be there to answer questions about justified use of force.


Doors open at 9:00 for registration
Opening remarks at 10:00
Hammers down at 10:30
Lunch at 11:30 to 1:30
Finish up at 4:00


Best of the West Shooting Range, four miles west of Liberty Hill on Hwy. 29.


$35 each person, lunch included! Tickets can be purchased by sending a check made to:

WilCo GOP, PO box 393, Round Rock, TX 78680

Or purchase tickets on line at

Minors are welcome if their parent/guardian feels they are mature enough for this event. They must remain under the control of the parent/guardian at all times!

A light lunch will be provided and there will be Photo Opportunities with the elected officials who are defending our rights, so bring your camera! Bring your firearms and ammunition. However, our insurance requires that this be a “cold” range. Please keep firearms unloaded and cased until you are on the firing line! For more information, email a request to Info@WilliamsonCountyGOP.org

For More Information

Host Range http://texasshootingrange.com/
Single Action Shooting Society http://sassnet.com/
Green Mountain Regulators http://www.greenmountainregulators.org/
Tejas Caballeros http://tejascaballeros.org/
International Defensive Pistol Assn http://www.idpa.com/
Capitol Area Practical Shooting Club http://www.caps-club.org/
A Girl & A Gun Shooting League http://www.agirlandagunclub.com/leander/
Texas Multi-gun http://www.texasmultigun.com/
Exotic Weapons by the BlackStone Group http://blackstone-tx.com/index.php
Texas Law Shield http://www.uslawshield.com/texas/
LazerRange training systems http://lazerrange.com/

A guest speaker will be there

T. Edwin Walker

imageEdwin is a native Texan who earned his bachelor and law degrees at the University of Houston. He has been practicing law in the State of Texas since 1993 with an emphasis on criminal defense. Edwin is a member of the State Bar of Texas, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association and the Harris County Defense Lawyers Association. Edwin is a frequent writer and speaker on firearms and self-defense issues including the lawful use of force, protection of a citizen’s Constitutional rights, and the Texas criminal legal process, and firearms crimes under the Texas Penal Code. He also has extensive knowledge and experience with matters involving the BATFE and compliance with the requirements of the National Firearms Act for legal ownership of machine guns, suppressors, and short barreled weapons. He is a proud gun owner, a long time holder of a Texas CHL, and advocate for individual rights.

The Texas Law Shield Firearms Legal Defense Program


The Texas Law Shield Firearms Legal Defense Program is owned by Texas Law Shield, LLP. The program is dedicated to preserving 2nd Amendment Rights for all legal gun owners in Texas and ensuring legal representation for our members who ever have to use a firearm. In addition, a cornerstone of our program is education in the area of firearms law. An informed citizenry is essential to preserve our countries rich heritage and all of our rights. Our legal services company is organized under Texas occupations Code 953 and is proudly based in Texas. Our company and the firearms program are owned and administered by lawyers and dedicated to preserving the legal rights of our members when they use a firearm.

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