Left handed light weight three gun rifle for my boy

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Left handed light weight three gun rifle for my boy
3/10/2014 2:27:52 AM

Some of you may have seen one of my sons out at our monthly match, Logan.  He really loves shooting three gun.  He has shown enough interest in the sport over the past few months to warrant addressing some of his gear issues.  One of his biggest issues, other than being left handed, is the ability to hold  a rifle on target from a standing position.  So I decided to have a friend build him a lefty/ambidextrous rifle, from sponsor oriented parts as much as possible, with an eye on being as light weight as was cost efficient.  Here is the rifle that he ended up with.


I gave my buddy pretty much free reign on what was built as long as it was: left handed, light weight, and capable of reaching out to the 600 meter range.  Here are his notes on his choices.

From the builder:

Requirements requested: light weight. Left handed. 600meter+. 1500 dollar goal.  Use sponsor parts where available.

  • Spikes forged lower: basic but light and always held to good specs.
  • Midwest px parts kit: slightly less expensive than many parts kits. Always comes with enhanced trigger guard and never had an issue with bad or missing parts. A lesser known company but stands behind their products well. Takes a lot of polishing to get the trigger the way you see it but well worth it.
  • Jp Enterprises spring set:  Lowers trigger weight. With excellent polishing for the trigger and high grade grease,  makes for a 3.5-4 lbs trigger that rivals the feel and reset of more expensive triggers. Possible upgrade to Geissele 3 gun trigger in the future but this was the most affordable option at the time.
  • Utg stock kit: Made in America,  always specs right. Comes in milspec.  Good value. Used a number of them and have never had an issue. Buffer and Springs have always been good too.
  • Magpul asap: solid piece,  works for both left and right handed operation. Magpul meets request for sponsor parts. I would have opted for the Noveske if it were mine because I don't care for the rattle of the ASAP,  but,  the ASAP was sponsor specific and less expensive.
  • Magpul stock: solid,  lightweight,  lockable and adjustable to very short lengths for a young persons arms.  Meets request for sponsor parts. Simple but always of quality.
  • Stag left hand upper: forged to reduce weight and left hand specific. Excellent build with dust cover and forward assist. Fair price.
  • Stag left hand bolt carrier group: left hand specific, full auto carrier and mpi left turn bolt. A solid and time tested brand at a fair price.
  • Stag ambi charging handle: full ambidextrous handle to allow charging without having to reach over the upper/optic. Expensive but worth the price for not having to reach over or flip the rifle.
  • Norgon mag release: best integrated left hand magazine release. Expensive but excellent. A must on a true lefty build.
  • Dpms rifle length carbon fiber handguard: light weight,  solid construction,  very affordable. Less than 4oz and grips well. May not take as much abuse as metal Handguards but price and weight made this a better choice.
  • Ice arms brake: modest price. Very light. Effective for the weight/size. Matched look for barrel. Titan and cooley brakes are more effective in my experience, but more than twice the price and I believe overkill for this operation.
  • Ice arms 1:8 18" barrel with rifle length gas system: turned from green mountain blanks. Twist rate allows a good variety of bullet weights. Rifle length gas system should make for very easy,  smooth shooting with very little rise. American company. Good value for the money spent. 18" to allow for some additional velocity to assist in 600 meter shooting.  Ambidextrous barrel extension. Considered both Krueger and Bartlien but opted for ice as its half the price and still of good quality.
  • Midwest Industries low profile gas block: American company. Good finishes. Affordable and always in spec. Possible upgrade to Syrac adjustable in the future to further smooth operation.


We drove up to Dallas on Logan’s birthday to pick up the new rifle.  He was very excited about this of course.  And the builder is a good friend of ours.  So we had lunch with the man.  Shook his hand…and turned around to head home.


We had to stop at Walmart on the way home to pick up some rounds.  Even though it was dark we immediately headed outside to the backyard range.  I turned my cell phones flash light on, and propped it under one of the FAST targets so that it was somewhat illuminated.  Then we walked away and took some shots.  Little kick. Shoots flat.  And it was light enough for Logan to shoot unsupported.














Without the optics, my rifle weighs in at the 6 pound mark.  Logan’s rifle is 4 pounds.


See you at the next match.

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