Shotgun Loading Port Modification for Competition

Shotgun Loading Port Modification for Competition
1/17/2014 4:36:13 AM

I have spoken to a lot of guys about custom shotgun work, specifically the widening/opening of the loading port to facilitate faster/easier loading during competition.  What I hear a lot are three main issues, the reluctance to attempt the work themselves for fear of damaging their expensive firearm, the frustration with the high price of having the work done at a shop, and the inconvenience of the several week waiting times for work to be done at custom shops. 


Well I recently discovered that those of us in the Austin and surrounding areas have a bit of a loophole, and that loophole is Guns Plus in Georgetown.  My brother recently acquired a new Remington Versa Max, a fantastic shotgun but definitely needing loading port work.  He had Kyle Simank at Guns Plus do the work.  We were both very impressed with the experience, the work was VERY affordable in comparison to other custom shops who quoted prices for the same work.  The time from dropping off the shotgun till the work was completed was only five days!  And my brother was able to rest assured the work would be done right knowing the extensive experience of those working on his shotgun. 

After picking up his shotgun my brother and I did some testing and were both very impressed with the results.  Both the metal loading port area and the hand guard had been modified to allow much smoother and faster loading especially when using the twins or quad style of loading but also for standard weak or strong hand loading. 

There were also changes made to the mechanism which holds the shells in the magazine tube which made pushing the shells into the tube much easier as well.  After a great round of functional testing my brother is extremely happy with the results. He has his shotgun back in time for the next match with time to spare, and it did not empty his wallet. 

The guys at Guns Plus have done this type of work on pretty much every make and model shotgun out there and also do great custom work to every pistol or rifle platform.

- Jirasek

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