10 Special Edition STI Eagles for the prize table

10 Special Edition STI Eagles for the prize table
1/6/2014 4:34:10 AM

We recently had a chance to play with a prototype of the special edition STI Eagle that is being created for the STI International Texas Multigun Championship.  There will be 10 of these best of class pistols provided to the event by our top sponsor STI International.  Take a look at this smoking pistol!


We took possession of the pistol at the start of one of our club matches.  This was exciting. 



This was a prototype and not quite sighted in…but hey…lets get this sucker into action.

We like to get these guns into the hands of the next generation of shooters as kids have an easy time shooting such a quality gun.

Once we go it home we set to sighting the pistol in.



All sighted in!




Logan has some issues shooting the XdM and the Glock.  But give him an STI anything and he is magic!


Logan is taking a moment to show Sheldon how to get a proper grip on the STI Eagle.


Little Andy rocking the STI Eagle.

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